About Fidelity: Strength of Fidelity

The way we do it

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Excellence in active management

  • We are the world’s largest active money manager.
  • We enjoy unrivalled global access to corporate management teams and policy-makers.
  • We focus on fundamental, bottom-up investing to find the best investment opportunities around the world.
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Private ownership

  • We’re privately owned, so we can always focus on what is best for our clients.
  • We take the long-term view and align all our decisions accordingly.
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Unparalleled research resources

  • We have more than 800 portfolio managers, analysts and traders worldwide.
  • We have large research teams with dedicated investment specialties.
  • We have a multi-faceted research approach that provides unique corporate perspectives others don’t have.
  • We don’t share, sell, or trade our research – our information is used solely within Fidelity for the benefit of our clients.