Career areas: Client Services

Client Services

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Advisor Service Centre

The Advisor Service Centre is an inbound call centre and part of the larger Fidelity Investments Canada Client Services division. The Advisor Service Centre provides premier customer service and quality support to investment advisors.

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Transfer Agent Processing

The Transfer Agent Processing department is responsible for the mutual fund retail administration and execution of all financial and non-financial transactions within different account types and across several different product offerings. The group is also responsible for quality control and the resolution of not-in-good-order items.

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Service Solutions Unit

The Service Solutions Unit is a team of highly dedicated professionals who are analytical, technical, and have the interpersonal skills to interact with advisors, investors and Fidelity partners during the error-recovery process. The Service Solutions Unit handles the in-depth investigation and accurate resolution of all financial and non-financial transaction adjustments.

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Private Investment and Institutional Operations

The Private Investment and Institutional Operations team is responsible for supporting our high net-worth, institutional, family plan and corporate trading programs. The team works closely with investment professionals, custodians, plan sponsors, internal partners and Fidelity employees to provide program knowledge, coordinate seamless transitions and execute accurate trade requests.

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Cash Management and Investment Control

Cash Management and Investment Control provides support for our retail and institutional lines of business. This team of professionals is responsible for the daily reconciliation of all bank accounts and money movements.

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Dealer Relations

The main responsibility of Dealer Relations is to continue strengthening our relationships with and service the senior administrative personnel of the mutual fund dealers that sell Fidelity mutual funds.  Each mutual fund dealer is provided with a dedicated contact within Dealer Relations for administrative and operational issues that affect our business partnership.

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Transfer Agency Processing Support

Transfer Agency Processing Support is a multifunctional team providing a wide variety of services to all divisions within Fidelity Investments Canada.  The group has four distinct teams that support financial and non-financial processing:

  • Cash Management
  • Document Management
  • Mailroom Services
  • Settlements
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Client Services Planning and Analysis

All data for the Client Services division is managed by Client Services Planning and Analysis. This team is responsible for producing business model planning, departmental staffing plans, business reports and scorecards for all the functional areas within Client Services. The team works with each of the department managers to forecast volumes, analyze trends and apply statistical analysis to uncover gaps in productivity or efficiency.

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Operations Reporting

Operations Reporting is responsible for the creation of tax receipts, client statements and confirmation slips. In addition, they manage the relationships with our external vendors to coordinate mailings as well as the distribution of our fund financial reports.