Students: Opportunities

Success doesn’t have a start date

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If you are interested in beginning your career early, we are the place to be.  We work with universities across the country searching for the best and brightest in a variety of programs. Opportunities are available through the university co-op or placement offices.

Assignments with Fidelity coincide with your academic calendar and we actively recruit three times per year:

  • Winter/Spring:  January – April
  • Summer:  May – August
  • Fall:  September - December
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We are committed to your growth while at Fidelity, including providing comprehensive training that will set you up for success while you’re here and in the future.  Our Learning and Development team works closely with you to ensure your experience is a positive one.

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Enjoyed your semester with us?  Our goal is for successful students to return for a new opportunity during their next working semester, challenging you to grow and build your business and academic experiences.

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Graduating students

We are always looking for great talent.  Please be sure to watch our career section for all opportunities.